1104 S. Stout St.
Princeton, IN 47670

What We Believe

  • JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD He is God's Son who died for us all and rose to make right with God everyone who believes.
  • GOD GIVES SPIRITUAL POWER He empowers believers for His work by "baptism in the Holy Spirit," evidenced by speaking in tongues and effective witnessing for Christ.
  • CHRIST CALLS US TO LIVE RIGHT By His death and resurrection, He liberates believers to live the Bible way of love, purity, peace, and service.
  • THE BIBLE IS GOD'S WORD We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the one totally reliable standard for beliefs and conduct.
  • CHRIST WILL RETURN He came first to live among us and die for us. He will come again to reward believers and establish His kingdom on earth.
  • JESUS CHRIST PROVIDES HEALING Because He suffered for us, we may ask and receive from God complete physical, mental and emotional healing as well as spiritual life.

Our values

  • We will be an area Church - not just serving our immediate neighborhood.
  • We will target unreached people, not Christians from other churches.
  • We want to have team leadership and ministry, not just expecting the pastors to do it.
  • We desire to continue growing and to become large to increase effectiveness.
  • We will emphasize grace and acceptance as we reach out to secular unchurched people.

Our vision

We envision a church where we are truly known in our community as an "Oasis of Love" where dying, hopeless people can come from the spiritually dry and barren "desert wilderness" and find life!  An Oasis of healing, hope, and love.